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The mid-April 2008 Passover at the House of Yahweh archaeological site in Israel is coming and you still have a chance to have your name listed among the STARS and contributors. Anyone that wants to attend needs to let us know in advanced to accommodate them. Also those that can not attend can still help contribute to the efforts of uniting people together in atonement, prayer, cooporation and celebration. Besides Howshua Amariel, the Yisraelite Organization of Unity chapter director in Israel and leaders of the black communities in Israel scheduled to attend, other guest will include the King Eri of the Igbo people of Nigeria, chiefs from all over Africa, contributors from Europe, and possible appearences by various famous black celebrities.


The event will be held at the archaeological site of Tel Arad in Israel. The site is divided into a lower city and an upper hill which holds the only ever discovered 'House of Yahweh' in the land of Israel. The citadel and sanctuary were constructed in the time of King David and Solomon. Also artifacts found within the sanctuary of the citadel mostly spoke concerning offerings of oil, wine, wheat, and etc. brought to there by numerous people from David and Solomon's time and throughout the reign of the kings of Judah til the kingdoms fall to Babylon. However, in the Persian, Maccabean, Roman, and early Mohammadean eras locals continued to transport these items to the sacred precinct of the upper hill. Markers of this ancient Israelite service remain til this day from broken pottery litered upon the entire site.


Thus, after almost 2000 years the Passover will be kept there again. Preparation for this event and the issues around it are are costly. Therefore, donations are being taken now online by the Amariel Family that are sponsoring the event. And most of the proceeds will go to helping the needy in Israel, the House of Yahweh and helping to continue the efforts of the international workers that help. For more on this, to schedule to come to the event or make donations to the cause call +972-54-680-2096 and email


DONATE NOW online and get listed among the STARS.


Sponsored by the Amariel Family.


If you donate $50 or more and you will given a special thanks and listed on our official website with our well known guest, updates on current international Black events, and will recieve 'The Search for Mount Zion' which is information on the only ever discovered House of Yahweh in the land of Israel.


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